STEM Teacher

Company Name:
Koch Davis
Perform at a professional level in the area of STEM, technology, instructional management, interpersonal relationships, professional responsibilities, and general responsibilities. Demonstrate the highest commitment to student achievement and student affective development. Communicate effectively with staff, students, parents, and the community at large in support of educational programs. Demonstrate ability to plan for instruction by organizing standards-based curriculum and providing interventions and individualized data driven instruction for students in the area of literacy. Incorporate technology into instruction. Set learning outcomes, with maximum sensitivity for student learning potential and collect appropriate data. Participate in embedded professional development meetings and attend additional related professional development offered outside of the school setting. Other duties as assigned by the principal.
Job Requirements
Colorado secondary license with endorsement in technology, science, or mathematics. Experience working with diverse populations preferred. Specific training and experience in STEM education. Bilingual (Spanish/English). Demonstrated commitment to continuous professional learning in regards to STEM. Demonstrated success in working collaboratively with other professional staff on instructional improvement issues. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Knowledge and experience using a variety of assessment tools and analyzing student data.
BA/BS in mathematics, science, or technology sciences, or engineering
Concern about educational service provider institute.

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